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The Impact of the Internet of Things on Consumer Devices
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It goes by many different names. Some call it the Internet of Everything. Others say it’s the Object Internet [...]

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SOHO | SME Business Expo
Event Date: Sept 26, Oct 9 & Oct 30 | Location: Calgary, Toronto & Vancouver

In it’s 16th year, the SOHO|SME Business Expo strives to deliver the most unique event experience for participating attendees, [...]

Business Education, Sales & Marketing Training | Make Your Mark

Business Education, Sales & Marketing Training | Make Your Mark

Event Date: Various Dates
Location: Vancouver & Calgary
SOHO Lounge

SOHO Lounge

Event Date: Winter 2014
Location: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary


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Interview with Minna Van

Interview with Minna Van, Entrepreneur & Founder, The Networking Hub

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Interview with Christine Michelle

Interview with Christine Michelle, Philanthropist & Founder

How to promote community and individual growth.

Interview with Steve Kim

Interview with Steve Kim, PR & Communications Strategist

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