St. Patricks Day

15 Tips on How to Celebrate and Have Fun on St. Patrick’s Day at Work


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at work?

We put together some simple and easy ideas for you to implement in your office and with your customers.  Have a fun day!

Have some fun with your employees!

  1. Get your employees to go green and offer a prize for the greenest employee.
  2. Have a Best Irish Accent Contest
  3. Hold a St. Patrick’s Day lunch with green goodies
  4. Have a pot-luck lunch or after-work reception with green goodies give a prize for the most interesting green goodie.  And, don’t forget the don’t forget the green beer!
  5. Hold a St. Patrick’s Day or Irish trivia contest online and send it to your staff to complete.  You could print and place it on their desk ready for when they arrive in the morning.
  6. Decorate your office with a St. Patrick’s theme or turn it into a team contest for the best decorated work area.
  7. Go green in the office with green paper, green streamers, green gum, green jelly beans, green tea, green beer, green smoothies, etc.
  8. Create an Irish beer tasting station set up for happy hour after work.
  9. Create an Irish whiskey-tasting station for your after-work happy hour.
  10. Give out green bead necklaces for your staff to wear.  Give them out to customers and others that visit your office

Show your customers how green you can be on St. Paddy’s Day!

  1. Send a green Happy St. Patrick’s Day email with ONE (don’t waste their time with too many questions)  fun trivia question.  You can easily use Google polls.
  2. Carry a something green to give out when visiting your customers (i.e green gum, green badges, green t-shirt)
  3. Give out something green at the front reception if you have customers visiting you
  4. Where green and get seen my everyone!
  5. Have fun and be safe!

You can get lots of the items from places like Walmart and Dollarama as to not have to break the bank to have some green fun!