Get a Better Response From Your Email Campaigns With These 7 Tips


If email campaigning is a part of your marketing strategy then I am sure you can relate to the struggles that come along with it. In a time where people’s inboxes are filled with hundreds of emails each day, how can you get your email opened? And even if you get it opened, how do you get a response?

A Good Subject Line

You can start by making sure you use a value-focused subject line.¬†Give the reader a compelling reason to open your message before deleting it and going to the next one. Keep in mind that some recipients don’t see the entire subject line due to shortened screens. So make sure to “front-load” your message so that most valuable part is not cut off.

Try These 7 Tips

Here are 7 more tips to keep in mind when planning your next email campaign. The data below is based on a study run by Boomerang and was gathered from more than 40 millions emails.

Keep these tips in mind when you are crafting your next email campaign. They could make a difference.