7 Types of Content Marketing (and When to Use Them)


Content marketing is a useful way to promote your website or blog, and can really help you get ranked among major search engines. There are a number of ways that you can use content marketing to your advantage and several formats in which to do so. Knowing what they are, the purpose they serve and how it might benefit you is important. Here are seven of the most popular and trending content marketing strategies that you can use for your company.

1 – Videos

Making a video is still considered marketing content and is a great way to display your ads or information. Whether it’s a funny commercial or quick animated video about your company, it is very important that the content being presented is high quality. Making a good video that gets the right message across can increase conversion rates and be shared across many social media platforms.

One of 2014’s most famous examples of video marketing is Lowe’s ‘Fix in Six’ campaign. Lowe’s wanted to reach their target audiences on Twitter in a new way. They gave their ad agency, BBDO New York, $5,000 to create a series of six second videos on Vine. These videos demonstrated quick remodeling hacks, like how to remove paint using a crock pot or how to turn a milk jug into a paint holder. Within the first week these simple videos had already gained 28,000 shares. Since then, Lowe’s has continued to create videos and gain brand awareness online.

2 – Interactive Web Apps

Web applications that allow users to interact with content related to your business is perfect for capturing the attention of your audience in a way that is not often done. Through the use of Flash and Java, creative ways to provide content can be developed that are unlike your competitors. This type of method works best in getting complex information across to your visitors, teaching them about your business, products, and services, thus helping to establish you as an industry leader.

One company who’s taken this approach is Budget Direct. The Australian company designed an interactive web app entitled ‘How a Car Works’ in order to explain to its customers what happens when your car is running. By scrolling on the screen you control what angle the car is displayed. You can look under the hood or go all the way to the back of the car, depending on what you prefer to see. This interactive has helped to establish its creator as an authority in the automotive industry.

3 – Ebooks

Ebooks are a unique way to provide your customers with invaluable insights and useful information while also marketing your organization. And, the books themselves don’t even really have to be that long. Ebooks are ideal for most service based businesses, and can really help to increase traffic, conversions, and ranking.

4 – Infographics

Infographics are best used for telling a story through statistics and data. If you are a business that can provide a great way to demonstrate a need for your service or products by backing it up with numbers and hard data, consider designing an infographic that will tell this story. Through the clever use of graphics and statistics, you’ll be able to connect with people in an easy to understand way. People have short attention spans online. Infographics are popular to share in blogs, websites, and social media.

By presenting data in a visual manner you are more likely to grab their attention. One example of an infographic would be the Apartment Checklist. This example does well at presenting information in a clean format. There’s a clear order to the information, so the reader can easily follow any actionable advice given. Images are also inserted next to text to create what are called ‘eye rests’ for people to know where to stop and read.

5 – Blog Posts

One of the most popular and effective ways to distribute content on the internet is through blogging. Creating a blog, in addition to your website, is very common and will help you in many ways. This marketing method serves as a way to get insightful content about your business and industry out there. Creating a blog will build a connection with visitors, increase your website rank and help to generate more revenue.

6 – SlideShares

Slideshares, simply put, are slideshow presentations that can be shared with others and displayed on the SlideShares website. Through the use of graphics and images, your content can be broken down into slides providing a catchy, presentation-like format. The SlideShares website has over 60 million users around the world, and is widely recognized as the biggest content marketing platform.To examples of this are Salesforce and Linkedin.

7 – Email Marketing

Providing a weekly or monthly newsletter by having people subscribe on your website is a great way to reach your customers. Newsletters or email marketing strategies are great for businesses who like to share useful content. It is important not to be too aggressive in trying to sell products or services. Subscribers often sign up for emails because they want to hear useful tips or get ideas that are related to your business. Trying to push sales too hard can result in people unsubscribing, and can lose you potential business. Email marketing is ideal for most businesses, just make sure to have some great and informative content ready to share with others.