8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends To Know For 2017


It’s always good to stay on top of marketing trends and it’s never too late in the year to make some slight changes to your marketing portfolio.

Here are some important B2B Customer Marketing trends your business should know about.

Customer Centered  Everything Approach

Today we live in the age of the customer, and a customer centered everything approach to doing business is the way to go. B2B buyers are increasingly influenced by their consumer experiences and have come to expect that same level of experiences in their professional lives.

Here are the 8 key trends to watch for – check out the Infographic below for more details:

  1. Higher Importance of Testimonials
  2. Mosre Focus on Customer User Groups/Events
  3. Interactive Newsletters
  4. Advocate Marketing
  5. Online Customer Community Interaction
  6. Customer Satisfaction Systems
  7. Cross Sell/Upsell Campaigns
  8. Referral Programs