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Discounted Rates on Airport Parking

Start and end your next trip at Park’N Fly, Canada’s leading airport parking company and the only national airport parking provider now operating in 7 markets: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg.

Our goal is to provide members with cost-effective parking options while enjoying a park happy experience with every stay.

Benefits Include:

  • Receive Corporate Discount Rates automatically every time you park– just swipe and save!
  • By Pass the counter line by using the card at our kiosk machines.
  • 150 Aeroplan points for each stay will be added to your profile per stay.
  • Earn loyalty points which goes towards FREE PARKING
  • Receive a text message when you land to have your car ready upon your return - No need to call in. Click ‘Yes’ to receive the text messages when registering. There are no news or deals sent via Text. (Valid at Valet Locations only : Vancouver , Toronto & Montrea)

Park’N Fly Canada:

  • Canada’s only National Airport Parking company located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Halifax
  • Located just minutes from the International Airport.
  • Well lit, fenced in compounds – electronically monitored facilities
  • Fast & efficient shuttle service, 24 hours a day running every few minutes
  • Valet service in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal – just pull up, check in and go!
  • Time Saving Vehicle Maintenance Services available while you are away (ie. Car Wash, Oil Change)
  • Complimentary freshly brewed coffee and tea, local telephone calls, newspapers and seating area
  • Luggage assistance

2016/2017 Rates:

Why not give it a try? Make your next trip out of town more enjoyable with drop and go services.

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Up to 60% off

plus, 2 Days Free in Vancouver

Up to 60% off

plus, 2 Days Free in Vancouver

Up to 60% off

plus, 2 Days Free in Vancouver

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