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Like email, a business can not run with out a phone.  But are you paying too much? Do you have the right solution?

As with mobile phones, office phone technology is changing as fast as a baby’s diaper.  And, if you haven’t reviewed your latest options, you may be paying way too much for out-dated technology and missing out on some of the latest features that could save you and your business time and money.

Every dollar you save, goes right into improving your cash flow and bottom line.


  • Learn about the latest technology to simply your business communications and improve productivity
  • Learn how to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients and conduct business whether in the office or remotely
  • No expensive hardware requirements to change or upgrade
  • No long-term commitments or contracts


We save you the time and money of researching and sourcing the best solution.

SOHO has negotiated the best rates and value to help our SOHOClub members save a substantial amount of money on their every day business essentials.  We have build strong relationships and work with the best vendors and suppliers locally and nationally. All vendors have been vetted and screened. All vendors are committed to providing our members the best rates, value and service.

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