Fariba Anderson

Business Secrets From A Canadian CEO


If you need some career inspiration, look no further than Fariba Anderson! This brilliant Toronto-based IT executive has achieved tremendous success in her career.

“Fariba redefines passion! She infuses it in everything she does. It’s so inspiring. She leaps head first into every challenge with such enthusiasm, absolutely brimming with amazing ideas and energy” – Alex Edmisten

Known for her innovative solutions and strong business acumen, Fariba has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years and is a pioneer for women in technology. Find out what secrets she has to share about climbing her way to the top in this Microsoft Canada Interview.

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“Entrepreneurs should get comfortable with failing fast and faster. No one gets it right and those who can quickly learn from failures succeed” – Farbia Anderson 


Wonder woman! Fariba Anderson—CEO at AcuteNet—Shares Some Business Secrets