Cyber Security: Is Your Small Business Protected?


Disasters can happen anywhere and without warning. Don’t get caught off guard thinking ‘It won’t happen to my me‘, especially when it comes to cyber crime.

Each year millions of software users fall victim to cyber threats. It is not uncommon for small businesses to bypass cyber-security measures, believing that cyber-crime is reserved for big organizations. However, small businesses are frequent targets because their websites and databases may have less stringent security protocols.

Just last year it was estimated that over 400 million new versions of malware were launched upon the business world.

Not all Cyber Security Issues Involve a Hacker

That’s right, you may not be aware but cyber security issues do not always involve a hacker. In fact, cyber-strikes can manifest from faulty hardware, a corrupted system backup, or even a severe weather event, such as a lightning strike or power surge, can damage or destroy an entire database. Whatever the cause, losing data can put your customers at risk and restoring the information can drain vital money and resources from your business.

Small Businesses Are At Risk

As a small business owner you have everything to lose from cyber-threats. Cyber losses can be caused by:

  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Hardware theft
  • IT system or communication system failures
  • Server room issues
  • Unexpected patches and updates