How Ryan Saved 2.5 Hours Each Month Thanks To SOHO!


Do you ever feel bogged down by the administrative tasks that come with running a business? Wouldn’t it be nice, as a business owner, to be able to spend more of your time with your customers this spring, being hands-on in your business.

Let me tell you about Ryan, he’s an entrepreneur just like you!

Recently Ryan, a community member, was complaining about his payroll system taking 3 days to complete just one pay period. That’s very time consuming. I couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t looked into another alternative.

He claimed he was just too busy and said “Why change it if it’s getting the job done?”

But Ryan was wrong – I know it’s hard to find the time to research and make changes to processes you have gotten use to doing BUT, the truth is, adopting in a new technology could save you hundreds of hours each year and make running your business that much easier.

With technology constantly improving there are lots of affordable alternatives. You should always be re-assessing your processes each year as there could be a newer, better and cheaper alternative.

Ryan was able to save himself  2.5 hours each month!

I told Ryan about SOHO Sourcing and how we help business owners just like him, find the right solution to meet their business needs. We spend our days researching and sourcing the best technology, plans, rates and providers out there – so you don’t have too.

With one simple request SOHO was able to help Ryan find a solution that cut his payroll down to 30 minutes each month. PLUS, it was easier for him to use, reducing a ton of stress that Ryan had each month.

SOHO Sourcing – Find out more about it here!