How to Write a Sales Email People Want To Respond To


“To open, or not to open?”

That’s the question running through everyone’s mind each time they skim their inbox.

Most people start their mornings at work glancing over subject lines. Opening ones from familiar senders. Deleting what’s not of interest. But as a sales professional, how do you avoid getting the dreaded tag as “junk mail” and actually get your email opened? And even beyond that how do you get them to open and respond?

I came across a great article that helped transform my traditional and ‘snore-bore’ emails into ones that could grab the attention of my prospects. These tips made a big difference in my open rates. When I say big difference I don’t mean they all get opened, as that would be nearly impossible, but I definitely saw an improvement and found more people responding to my follow-up calls.

So without further adieu, I’d like to pass on this great knowledge, written by Michael Pici, so you can also improve your email performance and make that sale!

How to Write a Sales Email People Want To Respond To | READ IT! 

Includes best practices (do’s and dont’s), examples and templates you can walk away with.

Learn the basic formula for a great sales email. The article will cover each of these areas:

  1. Personalized subject line
  2. Prospect’s name
  3. Opening line about the prospect
  4. Thought-provoking or unexpected question
  5. Well-crafted email signature


For quick reference here is the SlideShare Hubspot provided along with the article.


Also, I recommend you check out these sales email opening lines written by Emma Brudner. She includes examples of 20 Email Opening Lines That’ll Instantly Hook Buyers. Worth a read!

Now that we’ve covered the essentials to crafting sales emails people will want to respond too, let’s talk bout when to send them.

When’s The Best Time to Send an Email?

Hubspot also conducted a study giving us insight on when’s the best time to send an email. The study was based on 10 months with over 20 millions emails. First they looked to see what day of the week got the best email response and then what time of day and so forth.

At quick glance here’s what they had to say:

Best Day of The Week:

“We found that Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an email with 20% higher opens than average. Monday and Wednesday tied for second with 18% higher email opens, followed by Thursday at 15% and Friday at 8%.”

Best Time of Day:

“Taking Saturday and Sunday out of the picture, we found the highest email opens on the weekday fall between 10 AM and 12 PM, with the peak of opens occurring at 11 AM.”

Keeping the stats above in mind, be sure to send your emails in the morning so they are in their inbox before 10 AM. Also, try yo prep your emails on Monday so they are ready for send Tuesday morning when you get in.

Moving Forward

Take what you learned here and put it into action. Keep in mind that sometimes we just happen to catch prospects at a bad time, whether they’re going on sabbatical for a month or simply focused on other priorities, don’t get discouraged. 

Test a few new approaches to your subject line, try out one of the templates, and discover what works best for you to get that response.

If you have any helpful tips of your own to share (techniques that have worked well for you) please add on and share them in the comments section below.