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How To Use Instagram To Market Your B2B Business

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How To Use Instagram To Market Your B2B Business

During my recent travels to California and Asia, I used this fun photo app almost daily and now I’m officially hooked on Instagram!  Tap, edit and voila, a perfect postcard photo. Love it!

No doubt, Instagram has charmed its way into our lives making us all professional photographers.  B2C companies have also embraced these 612×612 pixel pics to interact with their followers.  So where does that leave B2B businesses where reaching prospective clients and producing compelling social media content is more challenging?

Before clicking away, you should always ask yourself what types of photos will get your target audience  thinking about your company?

Here are 8 ways to use Instagram to market your B2B business to both your existing clients and prospects:

Are you launching a new product or service?

If so, this is a great opportunity to take your audience behind the scenes and share the story of how your product is made.  Take photos of your product in production or “sneak preview” teasers.   If you have a service, have your Account Managers pose for photos.

Create a contest!

This is a quick and easy way to involve your followers and attract new ones.  Have them participate in a photo scavenger hunt or ask them to snap photos of themselves using your product/service.  Remember to include a special hashtag.

Does your product come in multiple colours or model types?

Get creative and use the filters to create a collage to showcase the different options.

Get up close and personal!

Let your followers take a peek into your corporate culture by sharing photos of company events, tradeshows and inside your office.  Photograph your staff hard at work (or acting goofy), company swag, your company mascot or even a cool pic of the watercooler… the possibilities are endless!  The main takeaway here is that photos are a great way for others to see what it’s like to work for an awesome company like yours!  Unlike Twitter, a simple photo can instantly reveal personality and appeal to emotions.

Snap “Special Edition” photos

Take special addition photos that can only be seen on your Instagram feed.

Show off your product or service in action

You can do this by taking your product of service outside the office and into real life situations.  Snap photos of happy clients engaged in your service or using your product.  They serve as visual testimonials!

What’s trending on Twitter?

It’s alright to go off topic and see what Tweeps are talking about, then get photos of what’s hot and current.  Think of it as a visual version of Twitter.

Show some love!

Don’t forget to interact with your followers by liking their photos and leaving comments as well.

So before you write off this photo-sharing service as just another social media time sink, here are 6 B2B companies that get it and are doing an awesome job on Instagram:

Salesforce Instagram

Salesforce gives us a glimpse of what life is like born cloud, reborn social.

Hubspot Instagram

Hubspot brings together the marketing world by working hard and eating hard!

SproutSocial Instagram

Sproutsocial gets very social on their feed and is always at your service.

Mailchimp Instagram

Just monkeying around at Mailchimp.  Freddie makes email marketing cool
plus he’s too cute not to follow!

GE Instagram
Think #aviation is boring?  GE features artsy photos of their groundbreaking research and technology.

CiscoSystems Instagram
Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking connects with their clients at tradeshows and
spreads love at their company bake sale.


Written by Wendy Kam Marcy

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