Learn From These 5 Businesses: How to Overcome A Challenge


As a small business, over the course of your lifespan you will face many challenges. Some to do with the natural pains of growing but others will be obstacles that you never in the slightest may have expected.

While we can’t predict the future, we can try our best to minimize unforeseen challenges. Doing a little research¬† and being aware of what could come your way can help keep costly problems from happening less.

Check out the articles below and learn how 5 businesses overcame these unpredictable obstacles.

SOHO’s Tip to Add:

Not Checking Your URL:

Grabbing a business URL and setting up a business website is an assumed part of any business marketing plan. However, before purchasing a URL be sure to do some research.

URLs can come with a history and it may not always be a good one. In the case of Derrith Lambka, CEO of how-to website MarketingZone.com, his URL came with a blacklist notation. The company that owned the URL before Lambka had gotten blacklisted by Google; it took petitioning to be recognized as a new company, with a significant delay in building website traffic, before MarketingZone.com was cleared and able to start growing.

Lesson Learned:

Do your homework on URL purchases before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars. A formerly blacklisted URL doesn’t mean you can’t clear it and use it, but far better to know about the problem and start solving it from day one.