How To Make Your LinkedIn Message Stand Out


Getting decent sales results can be challenging. With so many ways to communicate it’s not as black and white as it use to be. I mean, 30 years ago all you had to choose from was a traditional sales calls or in-person meeting. Should I call them or knock on their front door.

Then came the internet which opened up a whole new ballgame – email communication – and what a revelation that has been. And now, here we are in 2017 and the channels just keep growing.

The birth of social media has made a great impact on how we communicate and today there are more ways to contact a lead than I can count on my own two hands. There is one in particular that I find very effective, especially when it comes to B2B selling, and that’s LinkedIn.

6 Creative Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Message Stand Out

We all have some tips and tricks up our sleeves on how we like to sell but I came across a great article published by HubSpot,¬† 6 Creative Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Message Stand Out, and I’d like to share it with you. Here’s the tips author Michael Pici had to share:

  1. Mention a Detail from Your Prospect’s¬†Recommendations
  2. Riff On a Common Interest
  3. Offer a Personalized Piece of Content
  4. Foreshadow Your Email
  5. Insert a Picture
  6. End on a Cliffhanger

If your like me, your probably scratching your head pondering what he means by a few of these points. I know I did. End on a Cliffhanger… What does that mean?! Rather then reiterate what he means, I encourage you to check out his article.

What you’ll get from reading it:

  • a better explanations of the 6 points above
  • actual written examples you can put to use and try yourself
  • valuable insight that will make you a better LinkedIn sales expert.