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How Payroll Technology Can Free Up Your Time This Spring


Doing payroll is one of the most essential parts of running a business. It is also often referred to as one of the most daunting administrative tasks – but it doesn’t have to be.

Adopting in new technology can make your payroll way less complex and confusing. From holiday approvals to personal address updates, new technology can simplify your payroll workflow – and reduce your admin.

Free Up Your Time

Technology isn’t just here to help consumers – it’s here to help businesses too. Changes in accounting technology are transforming the way businesses manage their employee payment processes. These new systems can revolutionize the way you pay your staff.

Wouldn’t it be nice, as a business owner,  to be able to spend more of your time meeting new people, being hands-on in your business, and spending less time worrying about the administrative tasks that come with running a business.

Image yourself in these 5 Scenarios:

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and you’re on your way to the cottage but you have to submit your payroll? Got you covered. You can run online payroll from anywhere.

You’re not a payroll expert and you heard there’s a new overtime rule. Don’t worry. Online payroll is fast, accurate and up to date!

You’re hiring 5 new part-time employees to get ramped up for a big spring sidewalk sale and you need to set them up on your payroll by Saturday. Okay, easy! Online Payroll makes adding new employees quick and it’s simple to do!

It’s almost lunchtime at the daycare and you have 5 minutes to run your payroll before 30 hungry children rush through those doors. No problem. Online Payroll will save you time! It’s user friendly and will reduce hours spent on manual administration.

You’re SOOO busy that you don’t have a spare minute to process your payroll. You need to focus on growing your business. We understand that too. Online Payroll is a manageable solution. Leaving you will less administrative stresses and more time to focus on your business needs.

Don’t let unwanted payroll tasks tie you down this Spring. Switching to an online solution will simplify your payroll processes and free up time and resources so you can concentrate on what’s really important – building your business.

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