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Jennifer Cairns
CEO & Founder


eGurus Technology Tutors
Vancouver, British Columbia

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eGurus Technology Tutors is a mobile technology tutoring and tech support business based out of Vancouver, BC. We provide in-home and remote assistance to individuals looking to set up, troubleshoot, or learn how to use their technology. Our belief that technology has the ability to keep people connected, allow them to age in place, and enrich their lives, makes us passionate about facilitating this. We specialize in working with those who aren’t necessarily technologically inclined, including older adults and seniors, and pride ourselves on making technology accessible and fun for people of all ages and abilities. eGurus also acts as an added-value service for retail businesses, providing support to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and providing assistance through the purchase and set up of new devices. Founded by technology expert Jennifer Cairns in 2011, eGurus currently serves cities across BC, Alberta, Ontario, and soon to be in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Entrepreneur Advice:

Make yourself a “Not To Do” list to help you stay laser focused. One of the amazing attributes of an entrepreneurial mind is their ability to see new opportunities but that can also be a hinderance. Work with an advisory board to help you look at your business from the outside, analyze what is working and stick to it. Write your other ideas down and park them to revisit later.

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