Video Content Marketing

How Video Content Marketing Can Help Your Business


In the past year there has been an incredible growth in the use of video content marketing in business. We’ve seen an increase of nearly 66% of businesses incorporating video into their marketing strategy.

Videos work great because they help in delivering information quickly and in simplified format to your target audience. Plus, not only do they function as a way to deliver your message but, customers today are looking for videos.

Here’s  a few quick stats:
  • A video is 53 times more likely than a text article to show up on page one of Google.
  • 90% of online users say that product videos help to decide.
  • The average online user spends over 16 minutes watching video ads every month.
  • 36% of online consumers trust video ads.

Still not convinced? Check out the article “8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing” written by Liis Hainla. After reading it, I think you will agree that  creative video advertising can be worth it.

Can’t afford the costs of promotional video? Here’s another idea to try that leverages video – “HOW TO” YouTube Videos. Everyday people search the web looking to learn how to do something with the help of the internet. Perhaps there is something your business could show the world how to do.