Time Is Money: How To Be Efficient In Your Business


Time is a precious commodity within the business world as it can make or break a company’s future. Split second decisions may need to be made to address unexpected issues. Time management is needed to keep employees and clients happy. Each second a company is functioning at even partial ability is a second they have the potential to earn money. However, for every second they are down there is the potential to lose money.  In order to make the work day work for your company, you must know how to manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Creating an Efficient Work Area

The first step in time management is to create an efficient work area. Whether your next project is a simple spreadsheet or something much more involved you want to surround yourself with an environment that lends itself to success. Some of the following may apply to your entire office, others you may find work better for your personal work space.

Make your employees take all of their breaks. Employees that are stressed, hungry or in need of a stretch will not be able to focus as well as you know they can. Be sure that every employee takes all of their breaks as this downtime will give them time to eat and otherwise refocus prior to jumping back into their tasks. If an employee seems particularly stressed you may even want to suggest they take their break a little bit early as frustration typically does not equal fast work.

Clearly outline duties. Make sure that every member of your staff clearly understands their duties when they first join your company. Periodically, check in with them to ensure they are still clear on your expectations. If you need to change things for any reason be sure they clearly understand their new duties.

In regards to personal efficiency, there are steps you can take to improve your personal work situation. For example, clear your desk of any clutter. Focusing on one project at a time will allow you to give everything to that project before you move on to the next. File old projects for quick access in the future. If you do need to have extra paperwork on your desk keep the stack organized. Prioritize the work by placing the items with the shortest deadlines on top.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology continues to evolve rapidly. Take advantage of the advances to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Some industries may require special software to be successful so know before you buy. In a general sense there are a few technological advances that can be beneficial to nearly every industry. Video conferencing will allow you to stay in contact with your staff as well as your clients no matter where they are located.

Email is another great tool that allows you to communicate with your entire staff or just a specific employee. Another advantage is it will save you money as you will not have to print information all the time. Workflow automation is also a helpful tool. This process will help ensure that your business is running at its peak efficiency.

Time is money; be sure to spend yours wisely to ensure your company’s success now and in the future!

About The Author: Claurence F. is a recent marketing graduate who just started working for his father’s company and hopes to make them more efficient.