Interview With Lisa Elser, International Custom Gem Cutter

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Interview With Lisa Elser, International Custom Gem Cutter

Be inspired to transition your career and follow your passion as an entrepreneur. In this 60 minute interview, hosted by Bosco Anthony, find out how Lisa Elser, a 25 year IT professional, turned her side hobby into a full time career. People tell stories…. stories empower lives and dreams become reality when you follow your aspirations. Hear tails from Lisa’s journey to life as a gem cutter and her travels around the world to find rocks. Through engaging conversation and digital storytelling, this interview will inspire, transform and empower entrepreneurs. Scroll down to watch this interview.

Who is Lisa Elser?

Lisa Elser is a professional gemcutter from Vancouver. She spent 25 years in IT working for companies like Bell Laboratories, NCR and Sun Microsystems and consulted to some of the largest banks and insurance companies in the world. She trained in gemcutting in Montreux, Switzerland and did her Graduate Gemologist degree with the GIA in Carlsbad, Ca. After a number of years of cutting as a hobby, she left IT and began cutting full time. Her work has been featured in Canadian Jeweller, More Magazine, Canadian Jewellery Business, and Jewely Artist Magazine, and she is the winner of an American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Award.

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Watch This Interview

Introducing Lisa Elser who was a guest on The Digital Dialogue | Episode 4 from Bosco Anthony on Vimeo.

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