5 Social Media Marketing Bloopers To Avoid At All Costs


Social media marketing is undoubtedly a great way to put your business out there, but how do you know if you are doing it right? Small start-up businesses can always learn from the bloopers committed by the big names in the field. Here is the list of 5 social media marketing bloopers that you need to avoid at all costs.

Lack of Updates

One of the biggest mistakes social media marketers make is not posting enough updates, lack of activity on their social networking pages, as well as lack of constant monitoring. Posting something only twice a month or once a week and then expecting people to engage with you – it just doesn’t make sense. What’s new with your business? What have you been up to? What are the new ideas or plans lined up? What are your personal opinions? There are literally hundreds of meaningful posts you could keep updating your social media portal with, in order to keep people engaged and interested. People usually tend to visit social media sites in order to learn, to have interesting conversations, to get to know something interesting, different, and informative. By limiting your posts and your overall involvement, you are in a way limiting the number of potential prospects who could be doing business with you. So, engage with your customers at least once and day and see it work wonders!

Being Self-Centered

Another way people end up scaring off people is by being self-centered, in the sense that they only talk about themselves and their company, and if that wasn’t enough, they even expect others to talk about them. This should be considered as a strict no-no when it comes to social media marketing. If your social media portal revolves just around you, how good you are, how good your sales are, how brilliant your deals are, or if you’re filling someone else’s stream with your latest blog, you are sure going to put off your potential audiences and it won’t be long before they actually mark you as spam! People mostly look out for givers rather than takers. So, tone down the “me, me, and only me” attitude, and concentrate on displaying some interesting quality content. Also make sure to deliver it in a consistent and effective manner, so that people can actually appreciate you and follow you. Try reading and learning from other’s people blogs, improve your skills and knowledge, don’t stop engaging with people and always try to motivate them and inspire them to do business with you.

Posting Inappropriate Content

One more way you could go drastically wrong while marketing your social media site is by posting anything online that you don’t want you potential clients to see. The nature of the internet is such that it doesn’t take long for things to spread virally, and you never know what will end up where. Ensure that the content that you post is not offensive, inappropriate, or insensitive, which might ward off your conservative and sensitive clients. Moreover, make sure you have content that is interesting, valuable, and relevant to your audiences since this will lead to conversations, and ultimately, business growth.

Not Setting Up the Profile Correctly

Another common mistake people often tend to make is not setting up their profile correctly, or leaving it incomplete. You might have come across many social media portals that have no photos, no adequate information, no contact information, and so on. Potential clients and customers are always looking to know all they can about you, your ideas and opinions, about your company, about the products that you offer, and so on. When they don’t get this information on your social networking profile, that’s when they get jittery and suspicious about your will and seriousness to socialize and to do business. So, do the needful and set up a proper and complete profile!

Not Having a Social Media Plan

A top mistake that majority businesses everywhere make is not coming up with a realistic social media plan. It is essential for any business venturing into social media to have an established plan. While managing a social media platform, it is important to determine goals for yourself and for each site. What are you going to say in your posts? Who will manage the post? What tone will you be using? How many people would you like to interact with every week? How will you attract more followers every week? There are literally so many aspects to your business’ social media strategy that need to be covered, and so a nifty social media plan is definitely a must-have.

About The Author: Kevin David, the author of today’s post is a sales executive at Resume Service, which offers the expert services of professional resume writers in Australia. He is very fond of innovating marketing techniques and updating himself with the latest trends.