6 Social Media Marketing Tips From The Pros


Marketing has dramatically changed since the introduction of internet on our computers. You can no longer be as effective using the traditional forms of marketing such as print media. It is also evident that electronic forms of marketing such as television and radio marketing are not reaching the kind of crowd that internet marketing promises you. It is therefore imperative that you jump onto the internet marketing bandwagon. It is an extremely critical avenue of marketing for any serious marketer in our contemporary globalized business environment.

However, you need to be in tune with the most effective kind of internet marketing. This will save you the trouble of wasting your time and effort in marketing schemes that will not increase your internet presence or boost your company’s sales. The most effective kind of internet marketing is social media marketing. This kind of marketing opens you up to millions of potential consumers on a daily basis.

It gives you an insight into the mind, thoughts and preferences of your target audience and it encourages social media users to visit your website and purchase your product and services. Here are 6 social media marketing tips from the pros to get you started on social media.

1) You need to keep your social media activity simple and user friendly.

You should not be overly technical and straight to the point when you use social media. This discourages people from interacting with you over the internet. This kind of social media activity makes you appear as a cold-hearted businessperson who is only out to make money. You need to simplify your social media conversations, use every day lingo and appear as though you are a business entity that understands and appreciates its stakeholders.

2) You need to confine your social media activity to relevant updates that affect your consumers.

Do not delve into bipartisan issues that could offend some of your potential clients. Stick to the facts, some mild humor and a conversational tone that is non-confrontational. Do not issue any provocative statements on social media that may come back to hurt your business. Be polite and courteous at all times.

3) You need to constantly be aware of what is happening in your industry.

Social media is always awash with new information on various topics and issues. People use it to look for information and verify occurrences. You need to develop your social media profile as a reliable source of news. This will exponentially increase the number of people who subscribe to your social media updates.

4) You need to engage your social media audience constantly.

This increases the individual activity and interest in your social media presence. It helps you to retain your current audience in addition to attracting new ones. It also provides you with an opportunity to gather a lot of feedback from stakeholders in your business.

5) You need to integrate your services and products on social media properly.

It can be very irritating for your social media audience to be jumping from one social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Zinzzchat or Meetme, to another either seeking redress or more information on a particular services and/or product. You therefore need to develop one-stop shops on all of your social media platforms. This will ensure that your clients can use any particular social media platform they are comfortable with without missing any of your products, services and/or information updates.

6) You need to target a specific audience on social media.

This is the key to your social media success. You cannot grow unless you establish an effective niche in the social media platforms. People that could be your potential clients should be well aware of your products and service.

They should recognize your brand and relate to it on their social media platforms. You should therefore invest in various marketing tools and techniques offered by social media companies that direct your company’s social media activities towards a certain audience.

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