Free CRM Solution For Small Businesses

The perfect solution for a small business ready to grow! It’s free to start, allowing up to 5 employees at no cost.

The need for effective and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) technology is becoming more prevalent in the workforce, particularly for sales teams. CRM applications can help your sales team organize, automate, and synchronize business processes to help you find, attract and win new clients in addition to retaining those you already have.

Podio is a CRM solution that can save time, cut costs, improve workflows, reduce barriers, and have your sales force working collaboratively as a team.

Key Benefits of Podio CRM

  • Manage leads and track sales in a more social and collaborative way
  • Collaborate more efficiently on converting leads
  • Improve data quality by sharing access and engaging leads
  • Generate sales by leveraging lead endorsements
  • Share real time sales stats so the sales team is up to date on their progress
  • Capture leads via super-easy web forms and easily add forms to your website
  • Create your own applications to fit how your business works, making processes completely customizable to suit your business
  • Manage your data easier and maintain quality information as a team to get better results
  • Choose what you share with which team members and clients
  • Enjoy full flexibility over how you structure your work
  • Share and exchange updates, files, ideas, activities, tasks and information with your team and customers along the way

PLUS a bunch of more great features to increase business efficiency and team productivity.  Free for the first 5 users (employees), Premium just $9 per user.


NOTE:  When you register for your free account, you will access to Podio for free for up to 5 users (employees).

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