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Search Advertising with Bing

Get up to $200 in Search Advertising with Bing

Drive more leads, phone calls, appointments, visits or purchases for your small business with a $100 or $200 coupon for search advertising with Bing Ads. By using paid search advertising with Bing Ads you can reach customers who are interested in your product or service .

Get more volume with less effort:

  • 14 million unique searchers. *
  • 17.5% share. *
  • 341 million monthly searches. *

Why not give it a try? With up to $200 in a FREE Bing Ads Credits your small business has nothing to loose.

Benefits to Your Small Business:

  • Target your ads to display when someone searches in your service area.
  • Give consumers more information about your business with ad extensions.
  • Seamlessly import Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Control your daily budgets with no mandatory spending thresholds.
  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad. This makes Bing Ads cost-effective for any budget.
  • Save time and maintain budget control by setting your bids to adjust up or down automatically based on things like device, location, and time
  • Get personalized advice and one-on-one coaching from Bing Ads experts specifically for your small business.

Use Bing Ads to connect with millions of potential customers searching for your business on the Bing Network, which accounts for 402 million monthly searches in Canada. *

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People who search the Bing Network spend 25% more than the average Internet user.

Keep costs in check

Bing provides the tools to help you manage your campaigns against your advertising goals.

Whether that is working with a fixed budget or trying to hit a cost per aquisition or action, Bing Ads offers you the control to make that happen.



* comScore qSearch (custom), Oct 2016. Bing Network includes Bing, Yahoo Search (searched powered by Bing), and AOL Search Network in Canada.