Facebook Marketing Strategies Custom Made For Small Businesses


It’s undeniable that most small businesses these days are opting to get their first taste of online marketing through Facebook. The biggest social networking site has made tremendous improvements in its ability to boost brands, products and services regardless of the size of the company. Because of this, small businesses are embracing Facebook as their first platform or as the primary program where they are doing most of their online marketing.

These are Facebook marketing strategies custom made for small businesses that you should try.

Focus On Facebook Mobile

Believe it or not, a study done this year found that a large number of local searches are now being conducted on Facebook. Because of this, your business needs to make sure of your business’ information on Facebook is complete. One idea on how you can increase your search results is to give away free stuff to people when they check-in on Facebook while at your establishment. This would make your business have a higher ranking on Facebook search results.

Also, consider that your business page doesn’t look the same on mobile device compared to desktops. Therefore, you need to make sure that people are able to attend your best content first so they don’t have to keep scrolling down to see what they are looking for. The first thing your visitors see is your pinned post. That’s why it’s important to always have something pinned. After that are the recommendation and check ins. This is the space where your previous clients and visitors have left their review of your business. Up next are the photos. It makes a difference if you’re able to upload photos regularly. Finally, at the bottom are the recent posts.

Post Likable and Shareable Content

Although Facebook doesn’t limit the characters of your posts, you should still do your best to stick to posts with only few words. Studies have shown that lesser words increases the chances of your posts being shared by your visitors. Also, since most of Facebook users are now browsing the site on their small mobile devices, you have to consider that the photos that should accompany your posts will shrink. Do not post images that are unrecognizable when viewed on a mobile device. It has no chances of being shared or being viewed by visitors, which is precisely the reason why you’re doing Facebook marketing in the first place.

Encourage Your Customers to Leave Feedback

You can do this by simply asking questions to your customers about how their experience was with your business. When visitors see interactions on your Facebook page where others are giving feedback, it encourages them to take part in the discussion. Some businesses have even gone the extra mile of creating custom Facebook apps meant to gather feedback from customers.

About The Author: Kurt E. Hinton provides marketing and advertising strategy to small business in Charlotte, NC where he currently resides.