How to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


Have you heard that LinkedIn is great for lead generation, but haven’t figured out how to make this work for you and your business?

Before moving ahead and connecting with everyone you know or want to know on LinkedIn, there are two important things you want to do first.

1. Ensure you have a great LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t read the last article I wrote about this, click here to read it now.

2. Determine your goals and objectives so you can create a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of prospects and ideal clients for your business, but only if you use it properly.

The infographic below outlines the key steps to LinkedIn marketing and lead generation, I call these the four E’s.

Meet the four E’s of LinkedIn marketing success:

  1. Explore Opportunities
  2. Expand Network
  3. Engage Connections
  4. Establish Relationships

Your Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Infographic



So what LinkedIn strategies have worked for you? Share in the comments below.