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IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read the CONTENT GUIDELINES for article submissions below this form.


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ACTIONABLE: We favor “how to” content over opinion pieces. Make sure your target audience walks away from your piece with actionable items, either practically or strategically.

LINKING OUT: You’re welcome to link out to articles and resources directly related to the article. We generally do not accept links to sales or service pages. Keyword links to your home page or sales page in the body of the article are not accepted: please add those (unrelated) links to your author box or about the author section.

EXCLUSIVE: The article has to be original, not to have been published elsewhere before or later.  We will not accept or publish re-purposed content.

LENGTH / WORD COUNT: Good content knows no specifications; sometimes something is better said in few than in many words. That said, articles around 300 words are accepted while articles around 500 may not be accepted.

TOPIC: We accept articles aimed at small and medium size business in general. Topics include business start-up ideas, marketing & sales, management & leadership, social media, funding/finance, strategy & branding, mobile solutions, etc. When signing up as a guest poster or contributor you’ll be asked about your preferred topic areas.

FORMATTING: Images and text styles will be applied to your article by the editor: you are free to include either or both but are not obliged to.

IMAGES:  Please note that all posts will contain a feature image (834×362 pixels) that you may include or one will be chosen to suit your article topic.  Additional images may be provided to be included in your article. We recommend 300×300 pixel images.


As a Guest Poster you will submit your article to the editor directly for review. The editor will assist with getting the article up onto the site.

Contributing Authors or those who want to submit regular posts will be given a Login Account (upon approval) to submit articles through a WordPress dashboard. Log into your SOHO account and add your article. When done, click submit for review.

Alternatively you may submit your post as a Microsoft Word document, plain text file, or in an email message directly to the editor. Due to formatting issues, Google Docs are not accepted.

We look forward to reading your first article submission!