Improve Your Online Profile With These Fool-Proof Tips


Whether you’re looking to improve your online brand, website, social network, directory profile or any other online site, there are certain tips you need to implement in order to be successful. Simply having a website or joining a social network will do nothing for your online brand unless you continue to work hard and implement the right strategies. The following are four fool-proof tips that will help you to improve your online profile.

1. Use the Right Keywords

When drafting copy for your site, it’s important to choose the right keywords. Think about the words and phrases your target audience would use to search for your company, product or service and be sure to use those words in your website copy. The stronger keywords you have in your copy, the better your online profile will be.

2. Add New Content Regularly

Search engines use crawlers to scan through the content on your site in search of keywords and other useful information to use to rank your website. When you continue to add new content on a regular basis, the search engines will send their crawlers back to your site regularly in order to re-check and re-rank your website. Because of this, your website has a better chance of earning stronger SEO results.   If you don’t update your content regularly, the search engines will stop sending their crawlers to your site, and your SEO will greatly decrease because of this.

3. Be Mindful of Your Keyword Density

You want to make sure that your keyword density remains strong on every web page. Keyword density refers to the amount of keywords you have on a page compared to the amount of text. If you only have one keyword on a page with a lot of text, your keyword density will be weak. However if you have multiple keywords on a page with limited text, your keyword density will be strong. Obviously, the stronger your keyword density, the more beneficial it will be to your site.

4. Transcribe Your Multimedia

If you have multimedia files on your website, such as audio files or video files, they are not doing anything to improve your SEO. Search engines can only crawl through the back end of these files, so they are only able to access the information you place on the description and tags of each item. While this can help your SEO, it doesn’t boost it significantly.

However, if you transcribe your multimedia files and place the transcription on your website, it will certainly help to improve your SEO. The search engines will then be able to access all of the copy from the file and crawl it in search of keywords. They can then use the keywords they find to better rank your website, thus improving your online profile tremendously.   Professional transcription services can transcribe your audio files for you at fairly low rates per minute of audio, so there’s no need to waste your own time trying to transcribe the content on your own.

About The Author: Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer and multitalented Internet professional who combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.