SOHO is about community, and we are pleased to feature our members' offerings specifically for other SOHO Members

SOHO Member Spotlight
What makes SOHO Great? It’s our fantastic small business members. Every month we’ll feature different SOHO Members as part of our Member Spotlight. If you have an offer you would like us, just email us and we will review it for potential inclusion. Spotlight at SoHo dot ca

Only $149 for one year

Yes, one whole year!

That's only 40 cents a day.

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Tax Deductible!

You get all the great SOHO expert business-building benefits including access to our comprehensive Group Insurance Plan and RRSP plans. Plus, we will send you exclusive perks and benefits all the time to save you time and money! You also get access to our smart business quotes that will save you money on the products and services you need to run your business as well as the opportunity to participate and provide quotes to other SOHO members to help grow both your businesses!


100% Tax Deductible in your business!

You may request a 100% refund 30 days of the activation date if you have not used or activated, downloaded or used any of the SOHOClub™ Benefits & Privileges including (but not limited to) Bonus Offers, Gifts, SOHOPerks, SOHOSourcing, ProAdvice, Grow Reports. As we communicate with you frequently by email, you must ensure your contact email is active and up-to-date by going to Member Access and updating your preferences. After 30 days, no refunds will be honoured.

Terms & Conditions

Your subscription fee will be charged on the credit card provided by you effective the date of activation. Request for a refund (during the money-back guarantee period) or a cancellation (anytime after the guarantee period) must be made in writing to within 15 days notice before your next billing period. Otherwise SOHO Business Group will renew your membership on your renewal date. SOHO reserves the right to accept or deny a new SOHOClub membership activation. No refunds are honoured once a renewal payment has been processed. Member Benefits & Privileges are subject to change without notice.