Brian Matheson, Mind Full of Food Catering and Culinary Services


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Brian Matheson
Chef Proprietor


Mind Full of Food Catering & Culinary Services
Miramichi, Nova Scotia

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Mind Full of Food Bringing quality food to you. Mind Full of Food is designed to fill a space in the Miramichi and area food services market. There are an abundance of restaurants to go to for a meal, but for food to be enjoyed in the space of YOUR choosing, not so much. If you prefer to dine sooner, or sometime later, in your house, your workplace, in a meeting room, in a hall or in your own dining room or on your deck or in your backyard, or in the hall in your neighborhood, we’ll get what you want to you and your crowd. Mind Full of Food has seven qualities to adhere to- Quality, flexibility, creativity, professionalism, cleanliness, punctuality, and the ethics woven through our operations.

Entrepreneur Advice:

Remember that even as a business owner, there’s always a boss- each and every customer. If you go into business because you believe in what you have to offer, that’s important. Even more important is knowing that what you have to offer is or will be valued by enough potential customers to make it all worthwhile.

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