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Colin Granger


Balance Blades Inc
Port Perry, Ontario

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Company Profile:                                                                               

Balance Blades developed, manufactures and sells a new beginner ice skate on-line. This adjustable skate is currently only available in one kid’s size. This unique skate is made for new skaters ages 3-6. The skate adjusts to 4 youth sizes 8, 9, 10 & 11 and available in 2 colours, blue and pink. Kids using balance blades benefit from its innovative blade designed to prevent rear falls and help them learn to skate. Imagine your child not falling backwards while learning to ice skate, that’s balance blades. Focused on your child’s safety first, they take away parents worry, while giving the child confidence and ability. Balance Blades Inc also sells a branded skate bag, towel and skate covers. A simple idea, of a father wanting to teach his toddler to skate without the fear of falling backwards, has evolved into a corporation with a licencing deal that is going to be sold in mass Canadian retail in 2017. Balance Blades challenges the 100 year notion of how a skate looks and functions.

Entrepreneur Advice:

If you have an idea that you believe will work, explore it. Then be real with yourself while you judge its substance and determine if it’s something worth pursuing. If it passes this test, make it a reality. Trust in yourself, your abilities and do not listen to negative people. Surround yourself with like minded people that support your vision. If you don’t know something, go and find the answer. Keep your eye on the goal at all times, maintain a steady course and you will succeed.

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