Why Customer Reviews Are So Important To Your Business

Small businesses are always looking to build credibility and a great way to do that is with customer reviews. Years ago, word of mouth was heavily used to generate business but, in today’s always-online society, word of mouth has transformed and been replaced by social media and online review sites.

Studies have shows that most people trust reviews they read online just as much as a personal recommendation and that a large percentage of customers are influenced by reviews when making a purchase decision.

Here’s just a few reasons why reviews are great for small business, they:

  • enable your business to build up a positive reputation;
  • allow your business to reach new audiences; and
  • help your business get found through online searches.
Feedback is Good (Even Negative Feedback!)

While it’s not always easy to read a negative comment about your business, it’s important to remember that knowing what your customers really think can help you to make the necessary changes needed in order to succeed.

Knowing how to manage, and deal with, both positive and negative reviews, as well as understanding how negative reviews can actually help a business, is extremely important for any small business.

If you receive a negative review be sure to respond promptly. You can check out these 10 Ways to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews for some more tips.

Take into consideration what the pressing point of the review is. In some cases it may just  be a one time bad experience they had, but it could also shed some light on an area of your business that could use some improving on. Don’t let your anger and emotions get in the way of the issue.

Tips on How To Keep Your Online Reviews Strong
  • Regularly monitor your online reviews and respond to any negative ones.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask customers for reviews so you can have a steady stream of recent activity. People often start with the most recent reviews, and hardly anyone reads more than 10, so the quality of your recent reviews is extremely important.
  • If you do get a negative review, aim to generate some positive reviews so the bad reviews get pushed down further on the list and are less likely to be read.
  • Try to get online reviews on a variety of review sites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Amazon and any others relevant to your industry or customer base as it will spread your reach.
  • Encourage reviews on social media platforms, like Facebook. They can boost your chances of showing up high in search results and also strengthen your overall ratings.

The bottom line is that reviews can actually be the deciding factor in whether customers click on you — or your competitor. Customer reviews ARE important to your business so be sure to stay on top of what people are saying so you keep your reputation positive and build credibility.

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