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Get More Customers

Grow your sales with access to tools, products and services to ultimately rev-up your customer base!

Never Pay Full Price

Manage your expenses and improve your cash flow with access to exclusive rates on key business essentials - guaranteed to save you money.

The Grow Reports

Save hours spent searching for business help. Get access to SOHO's extensive research and insights on the best-of-the-best sales, marketing, productivity, and leadership tools. 

Get Expert Advice

Get sound advice from our experts and thought leaders with access to many learning tools - events, webinars, videos, and more.

Get virtually every thing you need to run your own business, all in one place at a can't-say-no price.

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Your Baby Step To SOHOClub™

Only $59 for one year

Yes, one whole year!

That's only 16 cents a day.

You get all the Kickstart updates for free for one year.

Lock-in this rate for life!
As we add more perks, it could go up in the near future.

Everything a Small Business Needs To Run a Successful Business

7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Tax Deductible!

Here's what you get!

Over $1,500 in free stuff!
And yes, all free.

Immediately start getting more customers and
saving money in your business.


  • Incredible Savings, Perks & Discounts with access to corporate or better rates to help reduce costs and manage your business expenses

You could save hundreds of dollars per year on things like mobile phone plans, insurance, credit card processing, and much more.

  • We keep you on top of the best events for growing your business and get you preferred pricing and/or at no-cost to attend
  • Get free quotes anytime from SOHO's hand-picked qualified vendors who are committed to giving you the best price available


Save hours of time searching for the tools you need in your business.  We've done all the work for you.

The Grow Reports

SOHO's Exclusive Insights, Research & Best-of-the-Best Tools & Technology. You're going to love the reports!

  • Sales Tools To Get More Customers
  • Marketing Tools To Get More Leads
  • Productivity Tools To Have More Time
  • Leadership & Managing Tools To Be More Efficient

When you join SOHOClub, you get new
updates and perks at no additional cost.

Get our VIP Service with SOHOClub Executive
ProAdvice & VIP Concierge Services at Your Fingertips


SOHOClub Executive is like having a sounding board at your finger tips with access to experts to help you find the answers to pressing questions for almost anything for your business.

You get everything SOHOClub Kickstart offers
plus all the upgrades, benefits and VIP privileges below.

Over $3,500 in free bonus offers!
And yes, all free.
With the more perks and upgrades with SOHOClub Executive, you will save more than your annual fee, plus you can start right away on getting more customers and saving money in your business.


Perk Upgrades for SOHOClub Executive

  • $20 Starbucks Gift Card - Limited Time Bonus Gift
  • From 40,000 Points to 75,000 Aeroplan Points +
    Front of Line Rewards with American Express
    ($1,500 Value)
  • $200 in Free Bing Advertising.
    You will be surprised how far $200 goes online!

AskSOHO Experts Concierge

Got a burning question you need answered
for your business? A question about sales? Marketing?
How to Win a Big Deal? AskSOHO business experts are ready to help find you the answer.

Pro Expert Advice Sessions

Unlimited learning opportunities with free webinars
and more on Growing Your Sales & Marketing
to help you get more customers

Free Business Expenses Analysis

Manage your expenses and improve your cash flow.  One complimentary analysis of your key monthly business expenses to help you cut costs up to 50% and save you money to improve your cash flow.

Front Of The Line VIP Service

Upgrades & Superior Rewards.  Feel like an executive and get access to upgrade certificates for hotels, car rentals, VIP event tickets, and more throughout the year. Qualify for loyalty rewards such as maple leaf lounge passes, aeroplan points, suite upgrades, restaurant discounts, and much more.

Priority Member Support

VIP Concierge support for Executive Club members only
with a dedicated Member Experience Specialist. Your direct line to any questions you have about SOHOClub.

Plus Get Our Popular Grow Reports

SOHO's Exclusive Insights, Research & Best-of-the-Best Tools & Technology.  You're going to love the reports!

  • Sales Tools to Get You More Customers
  • Marketing Tools To Get You More Leads
  • Productivity To Give You More Time
  • Leadership & Managing Tools To Make You More Efficient

PLUS, you will be updated frequently on the newest and most innovative tools & technology for small business through out the year.

Everything a Small Business Needs To Run a Successful Business with VIP Services at your Finger Tips

Only $59 per month or $559 per year
That's $1.53 per day.  Less than a medium Tim Horton's Double Double.
Save $149 on Annual Plan

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
No Contract on Monthly Plan.  Cancel Anytime.

Choose the plan that's right for you:

Only $59 per year

Only $59 per month
or $559 per year - Save $149

Includes $20 Starbucks Gift Card
Limited Time Bonus Gift!


And these get updated with new perks all the time!

Not convinced?

If your time is valuable, here is
one of many good reasons why you should join.

Have you ever gone online to search for something for your business?
And, next thing you know you got lost inside the internet and lost hours and hours of time .
You visited numerous websites, clicked on dozens of links,
but didn't really find what you were looking for? 
And how reliable and trustworthy are the one's you did find?

SOHO is here to help you free up your time for more important things and
save your small business hundreds of hours a year
by giving access to our research, insights, and tools.

Why lock in your rate now?

As we add more benefits and increase the value, we have to increase our rates to support our members.

Sign-up now and lock in your rate for life!

100% Money Back Guarantee

 You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

“The savings in time and money are incredible!”

"Building out the new SOHOClub program has been an incredibly rewarding experience. And #TeamSOHO had so much fun putting it all together! The combined savings are unbeatable to anything else on the market for small business - guaranteed. And, helping every small business save countless hours on searching for tools, technology and vendors is the icing on the cake! Do what you love to grow your business is our goal for you! We look forward to giving you lots of value and seeing your business grow as part of the SOHOClub community."

Moe Somani,
Founder, CEO and Biggest Fan of Small Business
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Deductible
  • Terms & Conditions


Kickstart Membership - 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Executive Membership - 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You may request a 100% refund within the above timeframe if you have not used or activated, downloaded or used any of the SOHOClub™ Benefits & Privileges including (but not limited to) Bonus Offers, Gifts, SOHOPerks, SOHOSourcing, ProAdvice, Grow Reports. As we communicate with you frequently by email, you must ensure your contact email is active and up-to-date by going to Member Access and updating your preferences.



Includes $20 Starbucks Gift Card
Limited Time Bonus Gift!