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Every Small Business Makes a Difference

We have been a trusted resource serving small business owners since 1996.

We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed.

We are humble. We are friendly. We work hard to bring value to your business.

What We Do

Small businesses are paying ridiculously high prices on products and services to run their businesses while corporations benefit from volume discounts due to their size…until now.  

With the cost of goods and services at an ultimate high and rising interest rates, small businesses must find ways to manage costs grow revenue, reduce expenses, and ensure profitability.

SOHO was born in 1996 in North Vancouver, BC to help business owners save money and time and overcome business challenges.  We have partnered with industry leading service providers to offer exclusive benefits and pricing on key business essentials previously only accessible by corporate companies.

Today, SOHO is a thriving network of business owners across Canada that love what they do!  We connect our members to what matters the most to manage, grow and thrive during the best and worst times.  We work with industry expert who love to help and share their expertise with small business owners.

In summary, being a part of our member network, small business owners access:

  • Mission critical benefits at exclusive group rates to help save money, reduce operating risk, and provide peace of mind
  • Expert advice from leading experts in many business categories – get the answers you need when you need them
  • Share our research on the best-of-the-best business tools and sales marketing & technology resources to help you save time
  • Added perks for your business, your employees and families to balance your work and life

We save our members substantial time and money every year.

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